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What is Ormus Groups?Ormus Groups

Ormus Groups is a website designed to support teachers of ORMUS so that they can have a central access point for accurate informative information for their groups lessons.

To guarantee the best quality advice and guidance, "Ormus Groups" is overseen by Ms Christine Emmons who wrote the book on making and collecting ORMUS called "ORMUS, Modern Day Alchemy".

Conditions and Rules

To make the entire process of teaching and guiding people regarding the making of Ormus, or any problems they may encounter and to answer any questions their students may have, Chris Emmons has set out a "Meeting Guideline" which is available for free to all Ormus Group teachers.

This website will allow special access to teachers so that they may get idea's for meetings and also it will eventually have an extensive Q&A library to answer most of the questions teachers may encounter.

Contact us now to get started.

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