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Ormus Groups Guidelines

What is Ormus Groups?

1. Meetings needs to be in a quiet uninterrupted room at fixed times.

2. Chairperson starts the Ormus Group Program on time and by giving a welcome, for example, the meeting that I conduct: "Hello to you all, I am Chris, and I would like to welcome you to this evening/days to the Tower of Pizza (Isla Morada FL) meeting. We would like to give a special welcome to new attendees and have you introduce yourselves".

3. Read: "Ormus Group History", the chairpersons own Ormus Service story (if he/she chooses), and "What is Ormus" is read by the chairperson

4. Read: "What We Do", "Examples how Ormus gives a better life", "How we do it" are read by members.

5) "Chairperson Announcement" read by the Chairperson

6) Suggestion: Have Face~ics amazing Skin Enhancer and/or ORMUS "Basics" Live Oil DIY Kit available for participants to experience.

7) Discussion: The chairperson may suggest a topic or ask if anyone has a burning desire to share. When you share, begin by first saying "I am Chris and I wanted to say/share…

This builds camaraderie and fellowship.

8) We do not interrupt the person who is speaking, nor offer negative comments since what that person is saying is their truth. We limit our sharing to 3 minutes each until everyone else who wishes to speak has had an opportunity.

8. When it is time for the meeting to close, the chairperson will ask if anybody has a problem or solution regarding Ormus, will pass the basket and will hand out gift remembrance tokens. The chairman may confirm who has volunteered to chair the next Ormus Group. The chairman will ask all to stand and the meeting will close with the Intention Meditation.

9. The Ormus Group meeting is now over, attendees may stay and have informal discussion or ask questions of one another before leaving.

(Coffee or tea may be available before or after the meeting.)

10) Pre or Post Ormus Group connection: If desired, the Ormus Group may have a pre-Ormus Group connection the hour before the Ormus Group starts or Participants may have a post-Ormus Group connection and meet up in a restaurant or other place afterward - if desired.

As you can see, the meeting format is quite simple and most importantly, it works. It has been tested and tweaked for many years so you instantly get the benefits of Chris Emmons hard work in a few simple sentences.

Contact us now to get started.

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