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Ormus Groups Program Guide

Pre-Ormus Group connection - approx 1 hour before meeting starts.

Ormus Groups Program Guide Ormus Groups Program Guide    

Ormus Group Program

Ormus Group Association Program

Welcome to the ____ Ormus Group.

During the next hour we will describe what Ormus is, what it looks like, learn about its benefits, even experience Ormus ourselves. We will share in a discussion, touch on how to collect Ormus and for any who wish to stay, we will demonstrate the collection process.

Special welcome to new attendees.



What is Ormus?

Ormus is a group of beneficial and essential natural mineral nutrients which support health, healing and a sense of well being.

Ormus is typically extracted from Sea Salt or other natural salt sources like the Dead Sea salt (never from table salt).

Ormus may be applied topically, ingested and is beneficial plants and animals.


What does Ormus look like - How is Ormus collected

This glass contains seawater prepared from natural sea salt dissolved with distilled water.

This liquid is added to the glass of seawater. Flakes form: This is Ormus. The flakes will settle and then be washed with distilled water.

The finished Ormus is in this bottle. It was collected from a natural salt source. The Ormus sits on the bottom. It is soft, white, and mushy. It re-settles after the bottle has been shaken.

At the end of this hour an Ormus collection is demonstrated - if you wish to continue.

Who would like a bottle of Ormus.


Why we meet

During our time here we share with each other about benefits we have experienced from Ormus Minerals - and we help others to be able to do the same. **__**

No Fees

There is absolutely no financial obligation whatsoever. A container is available if you wish to make a donation.


Examples of how Ormus can support


• Vigor, hardiness and stamina.

Plants, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables

• Astonishing increase seen in growth, appearance, hardiness, root growth, flavor and nutritional value.

• Farmers using Ormus minerals are quoted as being very happy with increased crop yields.


• More luxuriant and hardier fur and feathers has been observed.


Why an interest in Ormus

Others have said interests revolve around longevity aspects, quality of life, holistic learning and agriculture.





Experience Ormus

A Topical Ormus may be available to experience.



Does anyone have a topic for discussion?



Does anyone have a difficulty, solution or clarification regarding Ormus?



This is a token for you -a reminder of your time here. I hope it serves you well.

Thank you for coming. We meet again next month. If you are staying, we begin part 2 in about 10 minutes.


Contact us now to get started.

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