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Barry Carter

For the most comprehensive information database on ORMUS, please visit Barry Carter's website www.subtleenergies.com

Barry was born on June 25, 1949. Barry has always been interested in science and spiritual things. He has worked as a woodworker for much of his adult life and the skills he learned has helped him in designing magnetic traps and other ORMUS extraction methods.

His brother and Barry heard about an exhibit on gold at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and decided to take a friend to the exhibit. He was interested but seemed to be scared to death of gold.

Barry tried to talk Jim into doing some research into these amazing materials he had inadvertently produced but he was so frightened by his experience that he would not touch them again.

In the spring of 1995 another friend sent Barry an audiotape and said that he would be interested in listening to it.

Barry put it on a shelf near the stereo and forgot about it. A month later his friend called and asked Barry what he thought. About what? Barry said.

About the tape, he said. "Gee I'm sorry, I will listen to it right away", Barry said. Barry moved it to a visible spot on the stereo.

A week later they repeated their dialogue.

This time Barry thought, "well, this guy is a good friend I should humor him and so I listened to the tape".

It was David Hudson's Denver lecture. It blew Barry away.

Everything Hudson said matched something in his friend's experience. Barry decided he was going to let his friend hear this tape.

The next time Barry was in Portland (in June of 1995) he took the tape to Jim's place and asked him to listen to it.

Barry was in town for a conference and couldn't stay that day so he left the tape with him.

The next day Barry came back and asked him what he thought about the tape. I don't have a tape player is what he said.

So Barry took him for a ride and they listened to the tape in Barry's pickup.

David Hudson was a game changer. For those who know the magnitude of what David Hudson discovered, you will understand the reasons why.

Read the rest of Barry Carter's bio here on his website.

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