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About Chris Emmons

Christine Emmons RPh currently resides in Florida and has helped many customers and patients since graduating from Pharmacy school at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Currently Ms Emmons manages a Pharmacy in the Marathon (FL) Health Center.

During the late 1990's Ms Emmons experienced integrated medical treatments when a close friend, diagnosed with cancer, underwent traditional surgery but also visited Hippocrates Health Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

From this experience, Chris became aware of alternative mindsets which differed from traditional.

Thus when in 2004 Chris heard about a mineral extraction process called ORMUS which was as meta-physical as it was physical by assisting quantum communication between cells in the body, her mind was open to consider this largely unknown information (in the West).

Ms. Emmons perceived that quantum communication may explain a question she had struggled with regarding the quickness that the body moved during fast paced activities like racquetball and tennis.

Chris also perceived that Quantum communication may also answer questions about how the body maintains is repairs or generates enough energy from the small amount of calories that are consumed.

What most caught Chris Emmons attention was information on how - with the right knowledge - she could so easily collect ORMUS for herself - thereby enhancing her own physical and mental health - and so she sought to learn about ORMUS as well as how to collect it.

Meeting The Guru's

Within months Chris experienced some remarkable synchronicities as she continually met the "Guru's" in the Ormus community who were best suited to teach her.

Two were well known ORMUS Researchers, one was the flag bearer and record keeper of the modern ORMUS community and the other was the most admired ORMUS alchemist in the United States.

As each of the luminaries became her mentor, Chris became encapsulated within this vast body of knowledge. Studying, learning and becoming a bastion of information.

Ms Emmons focus is on the traditional, time honored ORMUS collection processes and she is especially keen to share methods which the average person can perform.

The book which is written in simple "easy to read" English, is about the traditional time honored processes used that collect ORMUS. [www.OrmusBook.com].

From 2004 to present, Chris continues to feel extreme universal gratitude and pays it forward by consulting, speaking at conferences, podcasts and hosting Ormus Lab Days and group gatherings where ORMUS seekers see how to collect this beneficial material for themselves.

There is no book about ORMUS which compares and writing began when B. Joy, a founding member of the ORMUS community, suggested that Ms. Emmons write a manuscript so the world would have the knowledge.

Ms Emmons agreed and the work was completed in 18 months. In 2009 the classic reference "ORMUS Modern Day Alchemy Primer" of ORMUS Collection Processes Reference Edition became available at www.OrmusBook.com and www.Amazon.com.

What is ORMUS?

Ms Emmons definition uses simple concepts that can be appreciated at pretty much all levels of ORMUS involvement:

"Ormus is a group of beneficial and essential natural mineral nutrients which promote health, healing and a sense of well being.

Many also think it improves the connection to our Spirit Origin. It may be extracted from many elements such as salt, soil, plant material and other naturally occurring substances.

Ormus may be ingested or applied topically and it is also useful for plants and animals.

Ormus itself is billions of years old and methods for extracting Ormus date way back before even the ancient Egyptians and it is now being newly re-discovered on a global scale."

Hieroglyphs and writings show that ancient societies knew about Ormus substances, however as civilizations rise and fall, those ancient societies eventually lost wars, were conquered, over-run and subjugated. The Ormus information became lost, destroyed or hidden within secret groups.

As awareness of the fantastic benefits of ORMUS supplementation in plants, animals and people reach the world, average folks have an opportunity to seek out information about ORMUS and literally make their own by buying and reading and applying the information within the Ormus Book.

Ormus Groups

After 12 years hosting Ormus Lab days and gatherings, Chris Emmons reflects on the ORMUS Group outreach platform that is anticipated to draw attendees for Ormus fellowship and has been specifically designed to reach newcomers, their friends and their family.

Ormus Groups offer a space and time for fellowship with others who have observed Ormus benefits and a place where newcomers to ORMUS are welcomed and lent a hand towards experiencing ORMUS benefits.

In 2021 her drive continues to bring ORMUS information to the world with creation of Ormus Group World Services, an organization designed to provide support to local Ormus Groups and their local facilitators.

More information on Ormus Groups as well as becoming an Ormus Group Facilitator at the website: www.OrmusGroups.com.

Since 2004 Chris Emmons has facilitated Ormus get togethers - and today wants you to join the Ormus Group Program – even being the facilitator of your local Ormus Group. Learn more at the website: www.OrmusGroups.com.


The highest aspiration Chris Emmons has is for folks to learn how to collect ORMUS for themselves and improve their health.

To reach newcomers to ORMUS Chris Emmons drew upon knowledge attained during her own Ormus research and associations to prepare a most special and potent Ormus face product.

It is called Face~ics and its use creates a huge, unmistakable, undeniable, extreme difference in the skin.

More info here www.Faceics.com

DIY Live Oil Kit

Chris has created an ORMUS Basics "DIY Live Oil Kit" which allows newcommers starting out on ORMUS collection to have all that is needed to easily collect their own ORMUS.

Even animals love Ormus. Chris has a 6 year old highly interactive parrot, who receives ORMUS every day and is a highlight in Chris's free time, as well as an amicable appaloosa horse rescued at a horse auction from a bleak future.


If you are interested in booking Chris for a speaking engagement, please contact her via one of the websites below.

Chris Emmons RPh can be reached at: www.OrmusGroups.com or www.OrmusBook.com or www.Faceics.com


Contact us now to get started.

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