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David Hudson esq

While David Hudson does occasionally give discourses, he is not an overtly public person.

If you want to know the "David Hudson" story, it is much easier to watch his ENOTA video on YouTube.

Mr. Hudson has been researching a material that was a by-product of his hobby, a gold mining operation in Arizona.

Mr. Hudson invested a great many millions of dollars of his own money into discovering what this white powder was that was interfering with his gold recovery.

After 12 years of expensive research, David discovered that this material was gold, rhodium and iridium only in a mono-atomic form.

That is, it was single atoms of gold and not metal-bonded or "clustered". This was the singular, atomic, true elemental form of these materials.

He discovered that this was the case for all of the platinum-group elements on the periodic table.

That the beautiful but rare, shiny metallic gold was actually a fallen, low energy state of the monatomic form.

David further discovered that these elements are abundant in nature.

They are in aloe vera, carrots, watercress, grapes and grape seeds, and also that a full 5% of pig and calf brain ashes are made up of this material.

He also discovered that these elements are in every living thing and everything that has ever been alive.

The plot thickened when some physicists that he had hired discovered that these elements are room temperature superconductors.

Simultaneously, the U.S. Government (Naval Research Lab) discovered that our bodies literally communicate on a cellular level through a quantum resonance phenomena and this could only be accomplished if there were body temperature superconductors in every cell of our bodies.

This is all still quite unknown to the professional medical community.

Now, just to make matters interesting, a friend of Mr. Hudson handed him a book on Alchemy.

He refused it but changed his mind when he was told that it referenced a "white powder of gold." During his subsequent research he made discoveries which led him to trace the writings of the Bible, ancient Egypt, esoteric writings of ancient philosophers and learned men.

The references that he found pointed to this material being the most ancient medicine. It had been called "The Golden Tear From the Eye of Horus" by the Egyptians, also "The Food of the Gods." The Hebrews called it the Manna, which translates into "What then is it?"

References to this are well documented within the Dead Sea scrolls, specifically, The Papyrus of Ani as translated by Budge**, the curator of the British Museum of Archaeology.

This then, was only a new discovery to our modern science. The Alchemists have called it The Philosopher's Stone. Its attributes are well documented in the Alchemical texts. It cures and perfects the Body, Mind and Spirit.

It is how our cells communicate with each other, with our DNA and how our Energy Bodies are fed. This material is the food for our Energy/light bodies.

The link between our physicality and our consciousness.

** E. A. Wallis Budge is not well liked in archaelogical circles and is often denounced. Budge did not follow traditional scientific excavation methods and often paid locals or natives to "get" items "no matter what".

Wallis Budge also spoke with and listened to the natives of the area's he visited - unlike the arrogant French and British who showed utter disdain for the indigenous population, often to their own peril. By speaking with the locals, Budge gained vast tomes of knowledge.

These things greatly upset the French who were running Egypt antiquities at the time and they even went as far as to have Wallis Budge banned from Egypt.

The fact however does remain that Wallis Budge was and still is one of the leading experts on ancient Egypt regardless of what you read.

Check out the library of books he wrote and you will see that very few people dead or alive, can match Wallis Budge's knowledge for his depth and understanding of ancient Egypt and the Middle East.

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